Patricio Mena Barros


Patricio is a General Partner and Board Member for Double Eagle Development. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Mena y Ovalle Group.

Patricio is co-founder of Mena y Ovalle group, founded in 1986 in Santiago, Chile. Mena y Ovalle is formed by a group of companies in the building construction and real estate development business. Today the company continues to be the predominant player in the Chilean real estate market. Mena y Ovalle has built and /or developed more than 130 high rise buildings, 10,000 houses, and schools and industrial facilities totaling more than 43,000,000 square feet.

Patricio has also held board position at a number of important Chilean companies including: AFP Habitat (second largest pension fund in Chile), member of the board for 7 years; Confuturo S.A (second largest life insurance company in Chile), Vice Chairman for 7 years; Iconstruye S.A ( B2B site, market leader) co-founder, board member, and Chairman of the board for 15 years; member of the board and counselor of the Chilean Chamber of building construction for 30 years.

Patricio earned a Degree of Civil Engineer in 1980 from Universidad Catolica de Chile and a MBA degree in 1984 from IMD, Switzerland.

Patricio Mena Barros
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